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Pedorthists, Podiatrists, and Chiropodists... oh my!!

What is the difference between a Pedorthist, a Podiatrist, and a Chiropodist? This is no joke....

How do you know who to see? Podiatry and Chiropody are similar in that they both deal with skin and nail treatments, and typically offer foot orthotics as one of their services. Podiatry schooling is available in the U.S. only, while Chiropody is offered at Canadian schools. In the U.S., students of Podiatry may proceed to specialize in specific surgeries of the foot.

A Pedorthist (certified by the Pedorthic Association of Canada) holds a 4 year degree, typically in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics. Upon completion, they further complete a Post-Degree Diploma in Pedorthics and/or a 3-year apprenticeship before being eligible to write the Pedorthic examination. A Pedorthist specializes in the biomechanics of the foot and lower leg only. They are trained in the assessment, design, and manufacturing of custom made foot orthotics, footwear modifications, and the fitting of shoes. Pedorthists do not do any skin or nail treatments.

As with any medical treatment, the choice is yours in how to proceed – hopefully this sheds a little more light on who does what in the foot world.

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